Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two new appointments for Philippe Beau: Service to the Community in the Tampa Bay area

Bruce Bussey of the Pinellas County Development Department recently announced that Philippe Beau had been appointed by Robert Lasala, Pinellas County Administrator, to the AFFORDABLE HOUSING LOAN REVIEW COMMITTEE to provide guidance to their community development team. The purpose of this committee is to review new projects and practice sound lending practices in order to help reach the County's affordable housing and neighborhood improvement goals. The committee members were selected based on their experience in real estate development, construction and lending with the intent to make a careful evaluation of each affordable housing project proposed in the one of the most populous counties in Florida. Philippe Beau will join as the real estate development specialist of the team.

Philippe Beau was also intoduced by Darlene Kole, President/CEO of the CLEARWATER BEACH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and voted in as its newest Board Member representing the UNIVERSITY OF BORDEAUX. In his functions, he will also chair the new EDUCATION AND MARKET RESEARCH COMMITTEE. The main objective of this committee will be to enhance the success of the chamber members involved in the tourism market in Clearwater Beach through the medium of education. Strategically, the first assignment will be to further develop the internship program with the University of Bordeaux started by Philippe Beau and Darlene Kole two years ago, and to find other similar bilateral agreements with other universities or business schools. One of the first tasks will be to work on the feasibility of a new 3-months program, with part time theoretical courses, and part time internships which will be entirely focused on tourism. The program will entail the elaboration of a very comprehensive market survey of the Tampa Bay area's tourism economy by a group of students, and to disseminate the results to all interested members of the chamber. As a result, it will offer specialized conferences for members in 2013. The committee will also act as a Think-Tank on tourism for the benefit of the chamber. As the chairman, Philippe Beau is looking forward to developing this committee by inviting the best professionals in Clearwater beach as its members.

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