Wednesday, February 23, 2011

25 affordable Senior Housing Units Planned in Chiefland (FL)

Philippe Beau and American Land Planning Management have just been offered the opportunity to design a new Senior Housing Community close to downtown Chiefland (FL) by the Chiefland Housing Authority. It involves the redevelopment of 5 contiguous lots that are an average of 100' x 180'. The project will have 5 attached homes per lot with a concept at 600SF with one bedroom one bath designs, ADA compliant, side patios opening on the living-rooms, and carports that are detached and located behind the homes and are accessible by a "green driveway" and surrounded by landscaping. The combined land planning and architectural goals are to design a community of  homes that can be seen from the street, but without a direct view of cars or carports, and even for guest parking . Safe pedestrians pathways will link carports and homes. Said Bob Williams, Chiefland Housing Authority's director: "the demand for small units, at affordable rents for our seniors in Chiefland is not satisfied, and most other projects are at full capacity, so this project will bring welcome relief". Roger Allen Curtis, general contractor associated with American land Planning who also resides in Chiefland said: "the design that Philippe will introduce is new to Chiefland in many ways, and will incorporate green construction with elements of co-housing, and other succesful urban designs to a more rural setting where large natural areas are anchored by density land planning, in order to offer seniors both the closeness and the companionship, and walkable, green and peaceful common areas". Philippe Beau credits this opportunity to his participation into the CRED program during the summer of 2010, his connections to other alumni, the reputation of the certificate in the affordable housing industry (mostly non-profit), and Bob Williams' vision for Chiefland. The first drafts should be ready in March for presentation to the board.